Brothers J and Eric discuss The Coldest Game, a film available for streaming on Netflix in the US. They agree it’s an entertaining film for what the filmmakers were trying to do… although what WERE they trying to do? Also: Bill Pullman. Wrong actor or poorly directed. Not to worry, J and E solve the issues in case anyone wants to take their notes while doing a remake.


With Drew in the literal wilderness this week, J and E go off on wild tangents including: Jeff Goldblum, the artist Vitas, Tibetan throat singing, the new Xbox and PlayStation, WKRP’s episode A Fish Story, the Japanese terrorist cult Aum Shinrikyo and it’s charismatic leader Shoko Asahara, the noise that drives Eric crazy when editing turns out not to be a pen but instead J’s mouse click, the podcast Bananas, the podcast Dumb People Town, Kurt Braunohler’s skywriting prank, Eric and Journey’s upcoming very special episode, the Arsheerio Paul show, John Serba’s review of The Coldest Game, Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman, and some talk about political books.

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