Mission Impossible III is the film we’ve been waiting for in the series, also the film we needed this week. This is a tangent-heavy episode that ends with some sad news.


Tangents include: JT LeRoy, Asia Argento, our Uncle Jon, headphones, The Americans, Hocus Pocus by Focus, the Geneva Conventions, Maximum Overdrive,and the Half-Life game series.


Housekeeping starts at 52:53

Eric gives a foot / mouth update and talks about HR (the BBC radio series)

Drew talks about The Muppet Christmas Carol, Home Alone, Neuticles, and hoverboards.

Jason talks about the podcast (radio program) Ask Me Another, Stephenie Meyer’s The Chemist, The City and the City, and VR experiences.


At 1:20:22 Brother J discusses the very sad and unexpected passing of Derek Munz, Jason’s best friend and longtime roommate.


Outro - Tritonia Music - Hallelujah Instrumental


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