NIACW 137 Thunderball

We are all Thunderball and Tom Jones tonight. While Drew convalesces, Eric and Brother J tackle the blub blubbiest of all Bond films. They also tangent into telenovelas and other foreign soaps, Making a Murderer (no spoilers given), presidential politics, Tom Waits as Mohammed Ali, Freedom Rock, Eddie Murphy, and Herb Shaindlin. 

Thunderball talk begins in earnest at 31:00

File length 1:38:34

File Size 90.5 MB

List of Tom Jones snips

What’s New Pussycat? by Tom Jones

Kiss by Tom Jones and the Art of Noise

Sex Bomb by Tom Jones with Mousse T

Burning Down the House by Tom Jones with Nina Persson of the Caridgans

Mama Told Me Not to Come by Tom Jones and Stereophonics

Are You Gonna Go My Way by Tom Jones and Robbie Williams

Little Green Bag by Tom Jones and Barenaked Ladies

Lust For Life by Tom Jones and the Pretenders

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews from Catatonia

Delilah by Tom Jones live 2015

We also discuss the wonderful James Bonding podcast so please listen to them here James Bonding –Thunderball with Scott Mosier

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