Brothers J and Drew go back to 1988 and discuss the shortcomings of the Michelle Pfeiffer, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell film Tequila Sunrise. Along the way they discuss Father Anderson’s giant vibrator and Dangerous Liaisons.


Housekeeping starts at 38:50 and involves The Americans; Schitt’s Creek; the book “Poisoned,” by Alan Ball; Covid fatigue, television longevity, and snow loads.


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Directed by Robert Towne Produced by Thom Mount Written by Robert Towne Cast Mel Gibson as Dale "Mac" McKussic Michelle Pfeiffer as Jo Ann Vallenari Kurt Russell as Lieutenant Nick Frescia Raul Julia as Commandante Xavier Escalante / Carlos J. T. Walsh as DEA Agent Hal Maguire Gabriel Damon as Cody McKussic Ely Pouget as Barbara Arliss Howard as Gregg Lindroff Arye Gross as Andy Leonard Daniel Zacapa as Arturo, bartender at Vallenari's (credited as Garret Pearson) Budd Boetticher as Judge Nizetitch Ann Magnuson as Shaleen McKussic

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