NIACW 171 Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein is all of the atmosphere of Universal horror of the 30s and all of the schticky fun of Mel Brooks.

Eric and Jason talk a lot about Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, and Herve Villechaize.

Eric confuses hilarious Canadian Graham Clark with Python’s Graham Chapman.

They also talk about Black Christmas (1974) , Jaws, Phantasm , Arachnophobia , and Damnation Alley .

Jason talks about the Oregon coast and Christopher Lee.

Then at 36:30, we time travel to September of 2015 and some housekeeping Drew had about Mr. Robot and Misophonia.



Young Frankenstein: A Mel Brooks Book: The Story of the Making of the Film

Dracula, presented by Fangoria Musick and Bleak December

Interview with Gene Wilder 1984

Marty Feldman - Six Degrees of Separation


Charo - Live at Haugh Performing Arts Center - Flamenco Guitar


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